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Release Date:
Rating: 8.5
Directed by
Qui Nguyen
Written by
Qui Nguyen, Don Hall
Based on
Jaboukie Young-White, Dita Von Teese, Douglas Smith, Sydney Chandler, Timothy Simons, Nick Kroll, Jake Gyllenhaal, Gabrielle Union, Alan Tudyk , Lucy Liu, Dennis Quaid
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Studios
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

Disney's Strange World drops in theaters this Wednesday, November 23rd. Disney's journey to recover the tradition of adventure has been a long one and, on such an occasion, it required having luxury voices to elevate the final result. Strange World will be the film with which Walt Disney Animation Studios will close this 2022. Taking us on a journey full of imagination and scenes of indescribable wonder, which unleash the imagination of its creators.

How to watch Strange World (2022) Full Movie Legendary Clades Strange World.

Strange World will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 50+ of the best and weirdest Strange World movie quotes.

One of Disney's greatest strengths has always been that of knowing how to lovingly 'remix' classic stories for each new generation. The House of the Mouse built its foundations on 'musical' adaptations of fairy tales in the public domain, but over the years it has then widened its scope to fantasy adventures, folk tales and even animal reinterpretations of Shakespeare. Even if some contemporary original works are equally present in the deck, it can be said that pastiche is the daily bread of the American studio.

So when Disney discovers a completely new genre for her to play with, there is no shortage of reasons to celebrate, at least on paper. Especially when it comes to such an unusual and unpredictable genre as the pulp adventure.

Here's what you need to know about watching Strange World online

Is it awkward when you watch Strange World with your parents and familly?. Strange World Un Mondo Misterioso, the new animated film for the 2022 Christmas season directed by Don Hall (Raya and the last dragon) and written and co-directed by Qui Nguyen (also already behind Raya and the last dragon), freely draws inspiration from the stories of the early twentieth century starring Doc Savage and from fantasy-action films such as Journey to the Center of the Earth and King Kong.

strange world film 2022 posterThe film is a pure pulp adventure both in style (font used for the title included) and in the sentiments proposed we follow a family of adventurers who traverse a dangerous alien world with extremely bright colors that looks like a cross between the one described in the board game Candyland and the Pandora of Avatar.

However, Strange World carries with it an absolutely modern attitude, which could prevent it from joining the large group of timeless Disney-branded classics.

We are taken to the phantom Avalonia, a land taken directly from a 1930s comic book, populated by horse-drawn carriages and people dressed as in the early 20th century. A vintage newsreel introduces legendary explorer Jaeger Clade (voiced by Dennis Quaid, Italian by Francesco Pannofino) and his son Searcher (Jake Gyllenhaal / Marco Bocci) as they brave rugged terrain and rugged mountains in search of a new home for their people in trouble.

Strange World roared into theaters on November 23, being able to do everything from home

However, Searcher does not share his father's fearless attitude, preferring to look at what is concretely already around him to find a solution rather than the distant and perhaps unattainable horizon. When the boy discovers a plant that could become a source of energy for the people of Avalonia, the rift between him and the parent turns into an abyss. The surly and not inclined to dialogue Jaeger decides to leave alone in search of the dream, while Searcher returns to Avalonia to cultivate the new resource, called Pando.

Twenty-five years later, Avalonia has rapidly industrialized thanks to the discovery of the Pando. Horse-drawn carriages have been replaced by automobiles, huge spaceships fill the skies, and Searcher is the happy father of a multi-ethnic family and a wealthy Pando farmer. But something is going wrong: all of Pando's crops are in fact rapidly withering for an unknown cause and their energy begins to deplete more and more rapidly.

Thus, Searcher is unexpectedly enlisted by the president of Avalonia, Callisto Mal (Lucy Liu / Valentina Stredini), already an explorer alongside Jaeger, for an expedition to the roots - literally - of the Pando, which will lead him and his curious family, including his rebellious teenage son Ethan (Jaboukie Young-White / Lorenzo Crisci) who has hidden away on the shuttle, in a strange, brightly colored wasteland that lies deep beneath the surface of the known world.

The combination of the Disney brand and a typically pulp adventure in the most genuine sense of the term would seem very unlikely at first sight. The former is known as the pinnacle of feel-good storytelling for families. The other is, well, completely the opposite. Generally (but not exactly so) what is more heinous and sordid is in fact associated with the American pulp literature of the early 1900s, which took its name from the untrimmed paper of cheap wood pulp on which those magazines were published.

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I watch Strange World that are about god or accepting god and stuff with my mom. It is here where Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal reunite in a film project as father and son, after both starred in "The Day After Tomorrow" in 2004, where Quaid's character, "Jack Hall ", begins a long journey to save his son "Sam" (Gyllenhaal), trapped in New York in the wake of catastrophic weather events that impact the entire globe.

Now the roles are reversed. It is Gyllenhaal's character, "Searcher", who goes on an adventure where he will meet again with his missing father, "Jaeger Clade" (Quaid), in an environment full of dangers. Although both belong to a family with a great explorer tradition, the similarities end there.

At the world press conference for the new Disney animated feature, where SuperGeek was present, Quaid was asked about this kind of reunion with Gyllenhaal and joked that it was the first time they were both present in the same room. They could have shared credits in the blockbuster Roland Emmerich, they didn't really share a scene.

Strange World, if you think about the title and adapt it today we can compare that if, in fact, we live in a strange world. Full of things to discover, internal and social conflicts that overwhelm us but still have a solution if we broaden our vision and do not associate everything as an imminent threat to our apparent normality.

When will Strange World be on Disney Plus? also offer free CD/DVD burner

Strange World is that kind of current movie without being aggressive that presents us with an effective solution to our humanity. From the perspective of empathy, understanding and inclusion. This animated film tells the story of the legendary family of explorers Clades, a family that faces an unknown world that seems to affect the existence of their current world. Without knowing that what is actually affecting their current world are the elements they are using to survive. Sound familiar?.

The animated feature is a fusion of themes that certainly could have been developed a little better, but it doesn't take away from how fun and entertaining it was. With a striking visual production, they made my inner child stick to the letter of every moment of the film without being overwhelming or excessive. The way in which family ties work and how sometimes we want our relatives to meet certain expectations by moving away from their own identity is revealing and educational. The control of their actions, the responsibilities they assume towards each other is a clear teaching of how we should react to life situations as parents, family members, friends and everyone in general.

On the other hand, it presents us with inclusion in a subtle and relaxed way. Not like other movies that sometimes reflects this topic in a hasty way. The way in which this family set supports your child's identity is ideal. The integration of the three-legged mascot and the creatures was very creative, encouraging general acceptance.

For the last few years, movies and television have invited us to follow Doctor Strange and visit a town where Strange Things happen, but now Disney wants us to prepare to follow the weirdness with A Strange World, his new animated film.

How do you watch Strange World? Australia streaming network A lot of people are concerned

Strange World (known as Un Mundo Extraño in Spanish) is the new bet for the Walt Disney Animation Studios cinema that was directed by Don Hall (Raya and the Last Dragon) and written by Qui Nguyen (Raya and the Last Dragon).

As you probably know if you've seen even one trailer for the movie, Strange World is a story that will focus on a world whose technology is rapidly advancing after the discovery of a powerful plant (Pando), but that's just the context of this plot because in At the heart of Strange World is a story about family and in particular about the father and son dynamic.

During a press conference that Mouse had the opportunity to attend, those responsible for Strange World explained that this new Disney film "is a story of father, son and grandson" that will revolve around Jaeger Clade, Searcher Clade and Ethan Clade: an adventurous father/grandfather, his son more tied to science and his grandson who is discovering who he is but falls somewhere in between. All hand in hand with elements of fiction and adventure inspired by classics such as King Kong, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Star Wars and even Peter Pan.

“How do we evolve and create a better world not just, you know, for us to live in, but for us to live with each other? How do we make each other's families better and each other better people?” he added.


What are some good websites where I can watch Strange World for free?. The plot of Strange World moves in two worlds: Avalonia and the Strange World, so although the story starts on the surface whose structure was radically changed by Pando's discovery, much of the story takes place in a new world Underground.

Direction: Don Hall and Qui Nguyen (co-director). Screenplay: Qui Nguyen. Music: Henry Jackman. Editing: Sarah K. Reimers. Voices (original version with subtitles): Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Jaboukie Young-White, Gabrielle Union, Lucy Liu, Karan Soni, Alan Tudyk, Adelina Anthony, Abraham Benrubi and Jonathan Melo. Distributor: Disney. Duration: 102 minutes. Suitable for all public.

A bit of Jules Verne and a bit of H.G. Wells, a visual display that at times refers to the imagery of Dr. Seuss children's books but also with something from Avatar, the misadventures of three generations of a family of explorers in search of that strange world to which the title and allegories allude. quite evident regarding care for the environment and diversity.

Thus, between somewhat obvious references and politically correct messages, this film by Don Hall (Big Heroes, Moana: A Sea of adventures, Raya and the last dragon) and his collaborator Qui Nguyen (the author of the story who also makes his debut as co-director here).

It'll only be a matter of time before Crunchyroll subscribers can watch Strange World

What are websites i can watch Strange World completely free with no download?. It all begins with an expedition that doesn't end well because of the difference between the intrepid Jaeger patriarch Clade (voiced by Dennis Quaid) and his much more cautious son Searcher (Jake Gyllenhaal). 25 years pass and we meet Searcher now married to Meridian (Gabrielle Union) and the father of a 16-year-old named Ethan (Jaboukie Young-White).

The interracial family lives in harmony on a farm in Avalonia that has a clean and renewable energy source that comes from a plant called Pando, discovered on that initial trip. But, of course, resources don't last forever and an inconvenient plague will force the Clade to go out in search of that strange world, which is nothing more than a lush ecosystem dominated by colorful landscapes, exotic creatures and, of course, a few dangers.

The film has an interesting opening plot, but then the script turns a bit chaotic and the narrative just speeds up to deliver an accumulation of visual stimuli and spin. The characters do not reach the grace or empathy of previous Disney films (and their Pixar cousins), but they compensate for a certain feeling of drift with a prodigious animation that has something of the spirit of comics and those old pulp magazines.

A family epic in which there will be room for reconciliation after deep generational, A Strange World is an adventure story with ecological cautionary tales and a gay teenager, Ethan, who finally meets his object of desire, Diazo (Jonathan Melo). However, there will be no kiss like in Ligh tyear, just a hug. Disney is taking a little more risk than before, but not too much. Something similar to what happens with the film in general.

How to Watch Strange World Is it Streaming or in In The US?

Want to watch Strange World that haven't been released yet. Same couples in an affectionate gesture, two superheroes having on a beach or a teenager who is overwhelmed by the thought of the boy he likes.

Little by little, Disney has been opening up inclusive spaces in its productions, but not without raising an unnecessary amount of dust. 'Eternals', 'Light year' and now 'Strange World' raise it in their plots. The latter, in addition to the fantasy and adventures typical of these stories, adds an amazing visual bet and a story that delves into the relationships between parents and children, especially if they are boys.

What started the story was that I began to think about my sons and the world they are going to inherit. In what sense is it different from the one I inherited from my father? says Don Hall, co-director of 'Strange World' with Qui Nguyen, who is also the screenwriter. My dad and I have a very good relationship.

He is a farmer and I grew up helping him. But when he was 14 years old, everything changed. Suddenly, he was planting and doing other chores, and I realized that he didn't want to do them. I thought it would be interesting to explore that relationship and the expectations we have of our children, consciously or unconsciously."

Are you wondering how to watch Strange World? In 2022, whether they are more nuisance

The influence of the French writer, playwright and poet Jules Verne in this film is remarkable. The creation of a complex universe of incredible creatures, such as a three-legged dog or glowing, amorphous and starving beings, was inspired in part by the adventure novels that profoundly marked the literary genre of science fiction.

“I have always been fascinated by stories of great adventures, specifically those in which explorers find a hidden world, until then unknown to them and to everyone.

And those kinds of stories go back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries: Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. That was the birth of the high adventure story in the form of 9a. 'King Kong' is a good example of cinema in which there is a group of explorers who find a hidden world. I wanted to evoke that film”, explains producer Roy Conli.

Renowned actor Jake Gyllenhaal lends his voice to Searcher Clade, a family man who finds himself out of his element on an unpredictable mission; Dennis Quaid is Searcher's legendary explorer father; Jaboukie Young-White as Ethan, Searcher's 16-year-old son, Ethan, a boy with a thirst for adventure; Gabrielle Union voices her as Meridian Clade, an accomplished pilot and Searcher's partner in everything; and Lucy Liu as Callisto Mal, the fearless leader of Avalonia who is the driving force behind the expedition to the strange world.

What is 'Strange World' about?

“Searcher is estranged from his father, because his father was an adventurer, and he never wanted to be, and his father was desperate for him to be like that. In his place, he became a farmer. Searcher hopes that his son will also be a farmer and discovers that it is not what he wants to do.

So, he stayed in the same position that he was with his father. He is caught between these two worlds. In many ways, the movie is not just about this strange world that they find themselves in, but also about the strange world that each of them finds themselves in separately,” explains Gyllenhaal, an Oscar nominee for his role in 'Brokeback Mountain'.

Gabrielle Union and Jake Gyllenhaal talked about their participation in "Strange World", the new animated film from Disney studios. The acting duo told Collider why they embarked on the project and what it was like playing their characters Searcher and Meridian Clade. The family adventure film will debut in US theaters this coming Wednesday, November 23.

As for the 41-year-old heartthrob, he said what drew him to join this Disney installment was the genuineness of his story. Don Hall, director of the tape, who also took part in the interview, commented that the plot is based on his facet as a father, among other things.

How to Watch All the Before ‘Strange World’ Hits Theaters

«First of all, I feel that the story is what most attracts me to a film. I could sense from Don and everyone else involved that he was coming from a real place. As Don said, the initial idea for the film was really based on something that came from his own heart, which is why I was drawn to it. It wasn't a story that came out of the ether.

It came directly from him and from his personal experiences. That made me want to get involved because it felt so personal. And then, I was able to bring my own family and my own experience, in a different way, with my voice.

The character was in development during the year that we worked on our voices. Animators watch your face, your movement, and your facial expressions. The character slowly becomes you as you become him. It's an extraordinary transformation."

This came around the same time as 'The Inspection' and I felt the need to be part of something lighter. Also, I took the opportunity because I wanted to try a different medium.

Where can you stream Disney Animation StudiosStrange World online? don't have to pay every time

Other than that, I needed to shake off the other character's darkness. I have dabbled in the minor leagues of voice dubbing and already had experience. I had worked at Disney Junior but doing it directly with the Disney animation department is a dream come true.

Pulp heroes may have been the grandparents of modern superheroes, but they still weren't suitable reading for kids. So, the mere prospect - highly heralded in the promotional phase by Don Hall - of seeing Disney grappling with an adventure of this type was certainly a stimulating premise. Does Strange World live up to expectations? Yes and no.

From the moment the first images of Strange World were released, it was hard to deny that the film indeed had the look of a typical pulp adventure.

The universe it showed was candy-colored, crazy, and dazzling. Amoeba-shaped monsters and rubbery dinosaurs roamed this pink-and-purple land, which seemed both lethal and friendly to its unprepared human explorers. And then the subsequent trailers have hinted that mute blue blobs would have been the nice comic shoulders of the protagonists.

Where to Watch and Stream Netflix Strange World Free Online

And so, from the very first moments, Strange World showed that it had managed to capture the spirit of pulp adventures: that idea that anything can happen and that situations can get even stranger and more absurd.

Disney further winks at Interstellar by Christopher Nolan, at the aforementioned Avatar by James Cameron and, bizarrely, at Osmosis Jones by Farrelly, to further mix the cards on the table. As a pastiche, Strange World is effectively a success. As a film with its own precise identity, it leaves something to be desired.

In a nutshell, Strange World is a pure and very classic title on the somewhat abused theme of the difficult relationship between father and son (in this case fathers and sons). And it's the most typical father-son conflict to be found on the big screen in 2022: "Son, you're giving up on your dream!". “No dad, I'm giving up yours!”. Although Bocci and Pannofino strive to sound more than enthusiastic in vocally interpreting this distressing generational clash, it is inevitable to feel the weariness of this archetype beyond measure even in a Disney film built according to the rules of pastiche.

Watch the full video above. To be clear, Strange World

Also, perhaps in an attempt to refresh these old stories, Strange World throws in a few too many 'hip' anachronisms (avocado toast, a card game reminiscent of "The Settlers of Catan", a nice teenage slang), starting to show cracks in the scaffolding of the project in its own way.

So by the time the very current saving the Earth from climate change finally gets to its real message, the initial enthusiasm has already started to fade. In short, the breath of fresh air given by a Disney that tries to explore the pulp genre can only reach its target up to a certain point when the same old story is always told. Someone will find it reassuring and dutiful, but trying to get out of an easy 'comfort zone' would be just as welcome.

6 8/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 8.5

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